Cooking Oils

Fortune Cooking Oil is rated the No. 1 edible oil brand in Sri Lanka according to Kantar Household Panel research.
After years of extensive strategizing and successful market-building, Pyramid Wilmar is now able to ensure that every household in the nation has access to premium quality cooking oil at an affordable price. The entire range of Fortune cooking oils is produced in our own manufacturing facilities, accredited by international food-hygiene, quality and environmental certifications.

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Vegetable Oil 500 ml

Vegetable Oil 1Ltr

Vegetable Oil 2Ltr

Vegetable Oil 3Ltr

Vegetable Oil 5 Ltr

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Sunflower Oil 500 ml

Sunflower Oil 1 Ltr

Sunflower Oil 2 Ltr

Sunflower Oil 5 Ltr

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Coconut Oil 500 ml

Coconut Oil 1 Ltr

RBD Cocofine Oil 500 ml

RBD Cocofine Oil 1 Ltr

RBD Cocofine Oil 2 Ltr

RBD Coconut Oil 2.9 Ltr

RBD Coconut Oil 5 Ltr

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Corn Oil 500ml

Corn Oil 1 Ltr

Corn Oil 3 Ltr

Corn Oil 5 Ltr

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Vegetable Oil 20 Ltr

Sunflower Oil 20 Ltr

RBD Coconut Oil 20 Ltr

Corn Oil 20 Ltr

Vegetable Oil 10 Ltr

RBD Coconut Oil 10 Ltr

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Vegetable Oil 150ml

Vegetable Oil 350ml

Vegetable Oil 750ml

Coconut Oil 150ml

Coconut Oil 350ml

Coconut Oil 750ml



Fortune Cooking Oils

Created with taste, health and love for food in mind, Fortune Cooking Oil brings happiness to every meal table by elevating the flavors in any food you cook.​

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